Simon T. Bailey

Be the Boom! Breaking Sound Barriers in Education

Be the Boom!
Breaking Sound Barriers in Education

#TEDxCK 2017 Talk

Each school year, parents entrust their children to a school system that is supposed to prepare them for a better future. But in many communities, this dream for our schools has died because of an artificial mental barrier of frustration, hopelessness, and bureaucracy.

It’s time for educational leaders to fly at supersonic levels and become “the boom” that breaks educational inertia. The result is a school culture that moves from providing a “keep-them-out-of-trouble-during-the-day” experience to an empowered education community. Using the four forces of flight – weight, lift, thrust, and drag. From the book, Releasing Leadership Brilliance, Simon will demonstrate that when all leaders understand these forces, they can create a new sound, and become the breakthrough in their schools, communities, and nation. He will share proven methods that have been used to move high-poverty schools from barely functioning to a culture of excellence where all students can release their brilliance.

Thursday, October 19th, 2017

8:00am - 6:00pm Chatham Capital Theatre
238 King Street West
Chatham, Ontario N7M 1E7

Good morning, coffee, juice and registration begin at 8:00am, talks start promptly at 9:00am



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About Simon

Simon T. Bailey is a compelling instigator who wants to know how educational leaders transform schools and to create an environment where everyone thrives miglior sito. He co-authored Releasing Leadership Brilliance – Breaking Sound Barriers in Education with Dr. Marceta Reilly. The book introduces a proven framework to empower schools to flourish across America and the world.

This new book builds on his earlier work, Release Your Brilliance, published by HarperCollins. Its premise is that every person is a diamond in the rough with their potential locked in a vault. Readers learn the combination to their hidden genius and how to reveal it to the world. His most recent book, Shift Your Brilliance: Harness the Power of You, Inc. teaches individuals and organizations how to take control of the steering wheel of uncertainty and create the future.

Simon is a former sales director for Disney Institute and one of America’s Top 10 most booked Corporate and Association Speakers.

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