Roxana Radulescu

How our skills ‘muscles’ change the way we deal with ‘Change’

How our skill ‘muscles’ change the way we deal with ‘Change’

#TEDxCK 2017 Talk

Did you ever think of your personal skills as being just like muscles? Can you imagine that all the skills we need to deal with Change, big or small, are already in us?

Roxana takes us on a journey of conquering the big, frightening monster we often call Change; a journey where our hero discovers that everything she needs in this endeavor is closer at hand than she thought it was.

And once she’s aware of that, Change is no longer the frightening monster to be feared, but rather the new adventure to embark on.

Thursday, October 19th, 2017

8:00am - 6:00pm Chatham Capital Theatre
238 King Street West
Chatham, Ontario N7M 1E7

Good morning, coffee, juice and registration begin at 8:00am, talks start promptly at 9:00am



Susan Whelan TEDx Chatham-Kent

About Roxana

Born and raised in Bucharest, Romania, Roxana immigrated to Canada in March 2017. After being raised during communism until she was almost 13, when communism ended in 1989, she adapted to both being a teenager and being ‘free’ at the same time.

She went to University to study foreign languages and literature, while working as a translator for a human rights organization, and teaching English private lessons to kids. Upon graduation, she started working at an international law firm, where she learned to adapt to ‘corporate culture’ in a country where that term was relatively new.

To her, “Learning is movement from moment to moment.” As a Learning & Development professional, she studied and specialized in personal skills, which she observed in both herself and others. Her certifications in Learning & Development, Human Resources and Coaching Practice helped her to increase her knowledge, and to observe the learning process, and the use of our own personal skills, especially in the face of change.

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