Math Classrooms Should Be Places of Surprise and Wonder

Math Classrooms Should Be Places of Surprise and Wonder

#TEDxCK 2016 Talk

Does pi ever end Is infinity a number? What interesting patterns can you find in the times tables? Where is math found in the world around us?

Math classrooms should be open spaces for thinking, always. Students should be exposed to the beauty and wonder of mathematics. Should we teach math through worksheets, or wonderings? In his fifteen years of teaching mathematics, Matthew has come to see that kids will surprise you with the power of their mathematical thinking, always, if you let them.

This talk is about Matthew’s vision for mathematics teaching and learning in the 21st century. Our children and students deserve mathematics classrooms that are wide open spaces for thinking about big, important, mathematical ideas. Mathematics classrooms should be places of surprise, and wonder, always!

About Matthew

Matthew has been teaching mathematics with the Peel District School Board for fifteen years. Married, with two children, 4 and 6, he lives in Mississauga. He is currently a “resource teacher of effective mathematics” in Peel, and spends most of his time thinking about how best kids learn mathematics. In his work in his own classrooms, and with the Ontario Ministry of Education (LearnTeachLead), he has come to see the power in letting kids lead, accessing their powerful thinking, and making classrooms places of surprise and wonder.

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