The 2 Most Liberating Words You’ll Ever Say

The 2 Most Liberating Words You’ll Ever Say

Painted against a landscape at 17,000 feet, Lisa shares how a single moment (and two simple words) became the key driver for a decision to walk away from a successful, 15-year career in the corporate world. Taking us through the ups and downs of her hike up Mount Everest, she shares the biggest catalyst she discovered for making significant, sustainable change and dares us to consider what it means for our own lives.

Whether you’ve been settling for a soul-sucking job, playing victim to an unhealthy lifestyle or feeling trapped in a fruitless relationship, Lisa illustrates the power of acknowledging your truth and demonstrates the momentum that can come from taking a single step in the right direction.

About Lisa

Graduating with a Master’s Degree in Sports Medicine from the University of Western Ontario, Lisa had no idea she would climb the corporate ladder for 15 years before deciding to ‘retire’, at the ripe age of 39. That decision to invest in what she was meant to be in life, rather than settle for what she was doing for a living, transformed more than just her job. Inspired to interview others who had also turned in their day jobs to follow their passions, Lisa shares the lessons she learned in her book, Finding Fabulous: Paving the Path between Paycheck and Passion

A self-professed ‘digital nomad’, Lisa has found fabulous blurring the lines between work and play, as she intentionally redesigns her life to allow more time and flexibility to travel, learn new skills, and explore new business opportunities. Leveraging fifteen years of strategic business skills, and cultivating personal insights from her many adventures, her mission is to provide practical, relevant advice for anyone tired of feeling stuck and ready to take action.

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